Although still a very new ministry to our church, we’ve grown and become an important ministry to the church. Our team ranges from youth to adults. The idea is to raise up the next generation of leaders. If we don’t start by including our young motivated youth members, by the time they’re adults, we’ll lose precious training time. We handle things like the sound board, announcement, worship, and sermon slides, to taking photos and making videos.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to revolutionize the way Hmong churches operate their media teams. We want to bring modern technologies and techniques to equip our team with the abilities to provide media excellence to the church.

Our vision is to train and equip our team members with the best technologies and equipment to provide quality media.

How you plan to implement your vision

With experienced members and research, we can equip our team with the most modern technologies. We want to continue to provide hands on experience and bring industry professionals to come train our members.